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Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter
Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter

The profile picture I did want was probably going to cause the mods to have heart attacks. It showed no nipples or sexual activities, but there was some breast rubbing, which is obviously evil, dirty and anti-Christian. So, I couldn’t put it up. I’m pretty much out of pictures now that won’t cause the mods to freak out.

I know the reason adult stuff isn’t allow is cause of the “children”. Like they don’t know anything about sex. It is also about advertising, but I’m one person. Still, not my rules. Also, it’s funny, America, where as soon as you turn 18, even the same day, you can go and get gang banged by 6 guys and be recorded doing so, then sell said video online as porn… but you can’t drink. So, you go and do such acts on camera, but you can’t legally go to a bar and drink the memories of what you just did away.


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