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Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia

3 – What’s the best lesson you’ve learned so far in life?
1 – Your first date went well. Great, in fact. You get an offer to join your partner for some coffee, do you accept?
4 – Favorite classical weapon/torture device?
1 – You’re out in the world on your own and you’ve run out of groceries. Do you stock up on junk food/frozen foods/health foods at the store?
5 – Most irrational thing you’ve ever done?
9 – My worst fear question was kind of a dud. What about your worst phobia? Any particular reason for it?
2 – Are you a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner?
6 – You seem to like the science questions, so here’s one for you:
You leave Earth to study a distant 6 solar mass object. Turns out the object is an X-ray Binary system containing a black hole. What kills you? If you don’t want to answer this one, I understand. It’s not hard, but it may seem somewhat daunting.

Also: How are you feeling? Ready for your winter break?


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