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Sleeping Entity
Sleeping Entity


Okay, I’m going to assume good faith for now and explain this (relatively) politely.

Firstly, we do not know whether you made these images or not. But on a website like this, the uploader is essentially held responsible for the material s/he uploads. If it’s shitty, it gets downvoted. It’s simple. Don’t upload shitty images.

Secondly, these images are, no offense to the creator, shitty. They aren’t the slightest bit funny and they aren’t emotional (which is the “thematically relevant” I was referring to earlier). In fact, they honestly contribute nothing to the gallery and by the look of the downvotes, I’m not alone in disliking them. For example, how is a picture of Hanako playing pool with the words “F*** up” repeated even remotely close to funny or relevant? The creator is seriously missing the point, and the same goes for you to upload these indiscriminately.


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