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Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia

10 – If you were to learn a new language, what would it be? Any particular reason why?
09 – I do know some Mass Effect plot and background. What kind of person would you be in the ME universe?
08Red/Blue/or Green explosion? Do you remember the first game you ever completed? If you do, what was it?
07 – I understand you’re a good graphic artist, what about classic art? Any particular area you excel at?
06 – When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
05 – What’s your idea of a good weekend spent with friends?
04 – Do you ever intend to retire, or would you rather work?
03 – Were you born in PA, or did you move there?
02 – How do you imagine most ponies on the scale of sexuality (hetero/homo/bi/omni)?
01 – You pulled this one on me before, now it is my turn! Mwahaha! Between myself and Advance, who do you like more? Be honest here.
00 – Who is your favorite historical dictator and why?


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