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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

10 – Latin is fun, you learn to deconstruct your romantic language words over time. I know a tiny smidgen of Ukrainian, but all I can do is see similarities between it and Russian. I should have kept up with learning them.
07 – Sure! I’d love to see it when you finish it.
06 – Ahh. I asked because I had to pull one last night to get some work done. That next-day weariness is dissolving into the “meh” feeling now, but UGH. I’m getting too old for this shit.
05 – I kinda thought this one might be silly. I originally had said something about knowing how it is to be an introvert, but it came off as asshole-ish for some reason and I removed it. Oh well.
04 – Well, you said your knee got better over time, maybe the issues with eventually subside? With the work things, just keep to what makes you happiest. Life is too damn long to spend it doing something you hate.
02 – Nudist pansexual ponies? I can get behind this.
01 – Damn, all that? Apparently I’m just your second wife.
Also, ladders. I don’t trust them. I can tell you exactly how they distribute forces and everything, but I just can’t trust them.


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