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01/05: I currently live in Missouri in the United States. I don’t really call it home, though.
02: It’s About Time. It reminds me of some rather inebriated conversations I’ve had with friends.
03: I’m a big Doctor Who fan, but I’m not really as into that fandom as much.
04: I study astrophysics/astronomy, and I’m working on my terminal degrees right now. The research I do mostly deals with orbits of high mass objects and eccentricities. Most people would find it quite boring, really.
06: Brunette, kind of a light chocolatey color when I’m not in the sunlight much. Gets a bit lighter in the summer time.
07: 25. Puts me up a bit on the age scale for bronies, I guess.
08: Tough one. Chrono Trigger for the nostalgia. Skyrim if you’re going for more modern.
09: No. I gave up on my beliefs when I was younger, and my choices in life today would place me at many odds with the religion I grew up with as a child.


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