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Memes should be a contagious idea (ie I come up with an idea, idea passes to another person, idea passes to another person, idea passes to another person…).

The problem with this one is that, like Chris Menning said, doing the reverse of something is pretty natural. There was even some joking around about X did NOT eat/ate my balls way back in the 90s. I think it would be hard to claim that people were inspired to make “reverse memes” because of they saw these first “reverse memes.”

Tis like this… robots aren’t an internet meme. I wouldn’t talk about robots because I saw someone else talk about robots on the internet. I would talk about robots because I want to talk about robots.

So I would think people create reverse memes because thats a natural way to make fun of things, not necessarily because they saw someone else do it.

tl;dr This gallery is lulzy, and we should keep it… but meh for the entry itself.


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