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Millennial Dan
Millennial Dan

Concerning Spitfire in fanart, you know what I mean. She’s actually spoken a couple times by the way, in Best Night Ever and Hurricane Fluttershy. The way she talked and carried herself in past appearances has led directly to the way the fandom has percieved her. So, I still think they should have gotten someone else for that part. The difference was just too jarring.

At least that fellow you showed in your YouTube links sounded the same in both instances, only in one he was shouting, and in the other he wasn’t. Spitfire assumes this bizarre, obnoxious gravel voice at the academy that’s about as intimidating as the secretary from Monsters Inc. But the biggest reason is that she seems like the type to delegate the drill instructor role. That’s just how I felt about it.

Oh, and about nitpicks; I never liked Dexter’s Lab, probably for that very reason. However, Batman TAS is quite above reproach.


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