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Militaryfag cred fight

burning_phoenix wrote:
>Possibly did not live on an airforce base
>Does not participate and write rules for Jet Fighter RP
>Does not own hardcore flight sims like Il-2 Sturmovik and DCS A-10C Warthog
>Does not collect Tamiya models
>Has only ONE barrel of a M61A1 Vulcan’s 6 barrels and is somehow proud of this?

>Implying I didn’t (okay, fine, at the moment I don’t. Ask me that question five months ago. Or three years. Or five years, or ten years, or fifteen. Or when I was born.)
>FlightGear, because I’m cheap
>Implying models make you an expert, and implying I don’t have a million anyways
>Implying he has all six
Do you even have challenge coins? I have three. Have you even seen the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds or Red Arrows? Okay, you might’ve.


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