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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

Illegal Immigration: Of all the subjects you could choose to start out with, it had to be the one I know the least about. I really can’t answer this well due to my lack of knowledge. I’ll leave it at the fact that it needs to change since it is an issue. If that’s valid.

Gay Marriage: As a bisexual man, I think you can predict my answer on this.

Abortion: Mother’s choice. Not anyone but hers. If she has reasons to keep it, let her keep it. If she wants to abort it, abort the som’bitch. I can’t understand why you would force someone to keep a child they don’t want. Plus, as an atheist, I don’t give two shits if it already had a soul or some bullshit like that. You can’t apply religion to a law in a government that doesn’t have a national religion. Laws need to be secular, so they apply to everyone fairly.

Gun Control: I think we need to restrict them a bit. Perhaps just a psychology test once a year to ensure you won’t go shooting up a school full of little kids. (too soon?) We don’t need to ban them, that’d be just crazy. But having a little roadblock wouldn’t hurt anyone.


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