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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

Health Care: Everyone should have it. I’m not too informed about the entire thing, but no one should be ruled out of being medically treated no matter what.

Drug Laws: Kind of glad they finally legalized pot in Washington and Colorado. Pot is less harmful than drinking and smoking, plus it is used medically. And it’ll be regulated and taxed, so it isn’t like dealers are roaming the streets. Anything heavier than pot though should stay illegal, like meth and cocaine.

Isolationism vs. Interventionism: I’m assuming you’re talking about this in a foreign sense. I personally hate how we’re always in the Middle East’s business, specifically. While we should care what’s going on there, we don’t need to drop 9 million drone strikes on the country in question just in case. As I said, we should care about what’s going on, and perhaps actively help/hinder the countries through the UN or otherwise, but we don’t need to stick our noses in anyone’s business, like for example, the Syrian civil war.


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