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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

The Environment: If we had it my way, every coal and natural gas plant in the country would be replaced by either a solar/wind farm or a nuclear facility. But we won’t, because the Green party will never get a seat in the House or the Senate. Which means we’re totally fucked, because for whatever reason, the thing that threatens the entire globe is not on our top priorities list. What a surprise. The 21st won’t kill all of us, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Florida was underwater by 2050.

Death Penalty: I’m for it and not for it at the same time. The reason why I’m against it is only in case they have the wrong guy. They’ve executed the wrong guy a few times, which is unacceptable. But I don’t care enough about someone who deserved the penalty to let them live.

Nuclear Power: I’ve already said that I’d love for it to expand more, but to reach a broader audience, I’ll bring up Iran specifically. You know, one of the countries on the “axis of evil” our not so intelligent President Bush said. I wouldn’t care if we confirmed if they had fully developed the technology. (And to be honest, if I was in charge, I’d be helping them get it) We’re only making the hate us more by being assholes about it. And if they do develop a nuclear warhead, who cares still? They aren’t stupid enough to use it on anyone. If they wanted it for purely intimidation purposes, let them have it. I don’t think they’re reckless enough to use it, because I know they know the consequences.


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