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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

War on Terror: Oh, you mean that thing we’ve just made worse by going after it? I think that by proclaiming the issue and actively rooting it out, we’re just creating more enemies for ourselves. Take for example, the drone strikes. A lot of them, we don’t even know if who we’re shooting at is actually a threat. We just blow them up to be sure. How pissed would you be if your innocent family died because some bully superpower decided to blow them up just because they remotely thought that they were a “threat”? It’s something we do need to crack down on, don’t get me wrong, but it is insane how much we’ve blown it out of proportion.

And just some food for thought; if we’re so scared of the terrorists, doesn’t that mean they’ve won?

Sorry if this seemed rushed. I’m a little busy.


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