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I quote RandomMan’s comment below:

A submeme has to be unique to the certain fandom it’s related to. Humanized art isn’t unique to MLP, it’s in every fandom. MLP is currently the number 1 fandom when it comes to activity. This of course results in a lot of fanart, of which humanized is no exception. But that doesn’t make it more unique. Popularity also results in more spread of course, but that’s what the art section on the main article is for. Popular overall fads and subject just tend to be attracted to each other.

Additionally, KYM isn’t meant to be a pony image site. Having images and fanart is great, since it demonstrates the creativity of the fandom, so we encourage (non-duplicate) uploads. But, KYM isn’t designed to categorize such images based on tags – our tagging system is pretty basic, and applies to entries and videos as well. If you want to browse pony images with advanced tagging systems, try sites like Derpibooru and TwentyPercentCooler.

I hope that helps clear things up.


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