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First off, I must comment on your hilarious inability to post on my wall correctly.
In case you didn’t know, I get an email each time you attempt to do so and I just got hit with five that precisely detail your epic battle against the monster that is Textile formatting.
Good stuff.

Yes, absolutely.
The whole game was so great right up until that ending.
The setting was entertainingly dark with a cool kind of twisted philosophy behind it, the enemies were disturbing and scary, and I still contend that it has one of the single best story twists in the history of video games.
I’m not really sure what happened there, but the way it devolved into ‘big, strong, angry bad guy’ at the end was just jarringly bad.
It was especially awful since the guy you were chasing had apparently orchestrated the exceedingly elaborate conspiracy to depose Ryan, proving that he had quite a lot of brains, but then his final solution is to just try to punch you to death.
It was like the developers spent all their creative energy on the rest of the game and couldn’t think of anything interesting to end it on.
I can still mostly overlook it because of the superb awesomeness of everything else, but t really went out on a sour note.

Oh, and Big Daddies know who’s the real best filly!


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