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Not far away of the time this video went popular, there where two other viral videos of this kind of cheap music videos.

One of these was from “La tigresa del oriente” (the oriental she-tiger), peruan

And the other one was from a girl called “Wendy Sulca”, peruan too.

An time after the both with Delfin Quishpe decided to make a muscial video together titled “En tu tierras bailaré” (In your lands i will dance), dedicated to Israel, it starts with a scene similar to the “torres gemelas” one, is Delfin watching in the TV how some people is interviewed, who makes opinions of how they relates that country only with the wars, and then he stands up and says his already famous frase “No puede ser, dios mio”, a lot of people sarcastically called the release of this new video as a “epic moment in the internet”


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