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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Sorry, I know it’s been a few days. I’ve been traveling.

11 – You like the deep and philosophical questions, right? You’re a citizen of Brazil, which is defined as a “Developing Country”. What is your opinion of the way “Developed Countries” bicker between each other?
12 – What would you like to do once you’re finished with your schooling? Any specific career/higher education direction?
13 – Do you clop? (Specifically to ponies)
14 – Hooray, it’s not the end of the world! Your local city is, however, completely ablaze. Do you maneuver through the streets to save yourself, or visit houses to see if you can help/save any others?
15 – What genre of game is your favorite? Do you prefer to play a good character or a renegade/evil one?


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