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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Sorry, I’ve been traveling for a few days, and the questions are kinda bad tonight. I’ll come up better when I get some proper sleep.

-01 – You and I meet and get drunk. What kind of inebriated conversation do we have?
-02 – I know you play paragon in ME, but what kind of characters do you play in other games (good/bad/renegade)? Any particular reason why?
-03 – Are you a fan of classic cartoons? Any specific favorites?
-04 – What do you think is the ultimate fate of the Universe? Long-ish answer please, not just “Heat Death” and a period. You can wikipedia it if you’re not familiar with the topic.
-05 – Do you ever watch TED talks? If so, do you have any favorite topics? Odd as it may seem, I like the biology ones.
-06 – Any Gorilla Munch left? Was it good?
-07 – Are there any questions you would me to ask?

Also, what exactly did you post to Advance’s wall to get him uncomfortable? I saw his/Daruqe’s comments and now my curiosity is all piqued.


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