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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

4) I know of the topic you speak of. There seem to be two possibilities that a large quantity people bring up, those being that the universe will eventually implode upon itself again, or it will continuously and forever expand until that matter is so far stretched apart that there will be nothing left but black holes, and then after the unimaginable amount of time it takes for those blacks holes to dissipate, nothing. I personally think the universe might actually run in cycles, expanding and contracting itself over incalculable amounts of time. The universe as we know it today may only be ~14 billion years old, but it has existed much longer than that, and will continue to exist for much longer than that. I’m sure the cycle may eventually end, but there is no feasible way to ever know. Which is kind of the depressing part about trying to determine what will happen to the universe long-term. Unless we can leave the universe and make it go through its cycle extremely quickly (implying the multi-verse theory, which I also think might be true). TLDR; Lots of cycles of getting bigger and smaller, which is (presumably) never ending in a practical time scale.


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