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Joe Amethyst
Joe Amethyst

5) OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU WATCH TED!? MARRY ME NOW. My favorite video ever from them way probably this one or this one. I enjoy the one that either cover astronomy and the universe or human psychology. Which is weird, because I hate psych, and decided to take AP European History over it this year. I’m one of only two seniors to do so. You should also watch this. More interesting than you think it would be. There is also one about the “Myth of the Gay Agenda” which was rather amusingly satirical and another where they have a camera shooting 1 trillion frames a second, literally watching light travel across the room.

6) Was delicious. Still some left in the box. Doesn’t taste like corn though.

7) You seem to come up with rather good questions randomly. Learning things about another usually come spontaneously, so don’t force it.

I’ll PM you what it is.


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