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11 I remember when I first watched the Jurassic Park movies when I was around 10, and it gave me a sorta love-hate relationship with dinosaurs. I loved em when I was awake, but I still had nightmares about em. My other paranoia that I still sorta have now is of having my house broken into or assaulted when I’m alone. It’s total paranoia and not rational at all, but it still gave me some nightmares.

12 Not much into sports, but I like fencing and I’ve done some myself in a half-semester of fencing club. Favorite mainstream sport would be baseball, but it’s no fun to watch. The only sport I’ve really watched is basketball, and only when the Spurs are playing, ’cause my family are casual Spurs fans.

13 ASS.

14 A bit, but only in elementary & middle school. Mostly harmless. Also, kids are just stupid.


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