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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

-5: TED talks are always nice to watch when you’re bored and wanting to do something more brain-working than watching cat videos on youtube. It’s fine to be interested in a subject but hate the study of it. I love biology topics, but I’m not a fan of studying the subject. Transpovirons are fascinating, but I don’t really care about their base protein structure

Also: Are you a fan of nesting dolls? Because that’s pretty much what transpovirons are. The transpoviron infects the virophage, which infects the virus, which infects the amoeba, which infects the human. Something that goes all the way down to infecting DNA itself? That’s kinda cool.

-7: Sleep deprivation seems to also play a big part of it. That’s good, I’m not getting much of it lately.


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