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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

11: I saw the first one when I was 6 or 7. It was a pretty nightmare-inducing movie for kids our age, I’ll agree with that.
13: I miss asses. I should start dating again.
15: Location isn’t super important on this one, it was just a question that dealt with 2D shapes in a 3D environment. Best answer is “+>+180°, but <270°”
16: Experience will be your best indicator. If you’re into guys at that level, though, you’re very much likely bisexual. There are different extends to it, as well. Some people are in it for the love, some for the sex, and some for both. If you haven’t dated a guy yet, you’re more in it for the physical aspects. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it just means you haven’t had the relationship experience.


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