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Evan Hechenbach
Evan Hechenbach

I notice an attention-grabbing trend in your activity feed.

Below, opspe pointed out to you that “+(Value) Deadpool/Confirm/Work” comments do not sit well with the site’s moderation. As in, the guys who can ban you.

You’ve been going to entries and bumping them with those exact comments. If you’re planting entries on the Trending Bar with those “+Infinity Confirm/Deadpool” comments, it is procedurally spam, and the moderators won’t be too happy about your ignoring or disregarding the guidelines they laid out for you.

Look, I really don’t want to be the bad guy here. I’m just asking you to alter your more destitute tendencies, please. For the sake of yourself: you will be banned if you keep doing that. Soon, the moderators are going to lose their patience. Don’t let it reach that point.


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