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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

1. I’d say Pepsi, Pepsi Twist and cheap energy drinks. I used to drink Coca-Cola, but now it is somehow bitter, so I switched to Pepsi. Anb by cheap energy drinks, I mean, here, in Poland, we have RedBull-like energy drink that costs 0.40€ per liter. It’s pretty much as cheap as water. (yes, caffeine)
2. I first changed my av to Dash to make fun of my hatred for her. Than I planned, that I’m gonna switch to the current one as I hit 1000 comments on KYM, and then I’m gonna switch it back to the normal, red hooded walkin’ guy one, when Swag.mov airs, which is actually today. Yea, I planned it for no actual reason to do so.
3. Yep, I live in a one-family house after all. I have a Golden Retriever bitch (female dog!), two cats and some fish in a garden pond.
4. #ffff00
5. Honestly, it was quite awkward, ‘cause I had no idea why it was me who you were talkin’ to ;D Now I’d say I like you just as I like the others.


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