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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

What question was stolen?

1) The holidays aren’t the major issue. I don’t like the people. I was raised rather poor (moneywise, my mom did a great job for us), so we didn’t receive a whole lot for commercialism Christmas. I hated seeing her struggle to get us what she could, and it’s carried some of that hate into later life seeing people struggle.

2a) Planet: Mercury. Whenever I talk about planetary differences, I use Mercury to explain the differences between planetary tectonics and plate tectonics. It’s just an all around good example to compare other planets to.
2b) Visible Object: Polar Ring Galaxies. Pick one, they’re all fascinating and gorgeous.
2c) Object: High-mass red supergiant stars. Betelgeuse is a good example. It’s a star in the last few hundreds or thousands of years of its life. In its core, it fuses elements at extreme rates until it starts fusing iron-56. Then, it will last literally days before its pressure becomes so unstable that hydrostatic equilibrium is broken and the core collapses, turning most of the core into neutron matter and destroying the once mighty supergiant. Some atoms will fuse (with matter-energy loss) into the higher elements, and it will saturate the galaxy with material that will eventually cool and recoalesce in a new solar system. Possibly even one with life.


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