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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

3) I like smart girls. As far as physical appearance? Red-hair, somewhat in shape (I don’t expect a gym trip twice a week, just some self-control), and with an artsy side to them. No idea where that last one came from, as I can’t draw anything that doesn’t require a straight-edge to work on.

4) Milk. Oh, and if you get the chance in life, put a piece of sweet milk chocolate on your tongue and give a kiss to your lover, then trade it. It’s doable and romantic. I’ll guarantee you at least a night of very affectionate cuddling.

5) Sigh. What is it with the furry questions? They’re okay in my book. Fantasy play can be fun, sexual or non-. If they wish to pretend to be animals for a while, that’s fine by me. When people start insisting that they really are fluffy foxes or dogs, then I’ll back away a little bit.


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