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Xeno: Kaiju Groupie [HAIL TO THE KING]
Xeno: Kaiju Groupie [HAIL TO THE KING]

Okay, I admit. It was wrong to say you were the most hated person on Know Your Meme. Sorry, only a Sith deals in absolutes.
The diaper guy was hated due to that fact that almost every person on this website didn’t like what he was posting. We asked him to stop posting.
He did for a while.
Then, he started coming back. We asked him to leave. He left.
He came back AGAIN.
He kept promising and promising that he would stop posting and he kept coming right the fuck back. Eventually, we got tired of his bullshit and we started yelling at him to leave. He leaves, comes back, posts as much as he can, and gets yelled at.
I’ve given up hope in getting rid of that bastard anyways. I think he learned of how we didn’t like what he posted and used it, planted a hatred for his images in our minds. He ignores every plea for reason sent to him because he knows how much we hate him.
tl;dr, that bitch is one of Know Your Meme’s most successful trolls yet.


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