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Jackal Lantern
Jackal Lantern

I honestly didn’t care too much for the 3d models at first, either. They’ve cleaned them up a bit since the initial night-terror Applejack, but they still look quite… odd. Still, I got over it after a little while of running about, backstabbing people as an overpowered unicorn. There’s no joy like it. I’d recommend at least trying it out.

Just type !pf2 in chat, and it will bring up the Pony Fortress menus. In order to play as the pony hero, you have to opt in. Each team gets one hero, determined randomly after the round starts, or momentarily after the last hero was defeated, so you may have to wait a few rounds before you get to play as the pony. Also, you choose one default hero, also from the !pf2 menu. This determines which pony you will be when you’re selected. You can find tips MLP Heroes as well as strategies for playing efficiently as each specific pony here.

If you have any more specific questions, let me know! I’ll be glad to help. :]


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