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Maat El Adalid
Maat El Adalid

Who would keep on downvoting this kind of pictures you said? Well, either someone who really hates Trixie(as Crashfalcon pointed out), or someone who really hates me

, but it is weird how just some of the pictures I uploaded got downvoted.

Also,looks at SM853’s posts, if it helps, just thought I’d let you know a few facts:

1.Psychologists remain objective at all times.
2.The brony fandom earned quite a few haters just because most of it consisted on grown up men who like MLP:FIM. Logic behind it?
, and like if that wasn’t enough, haters also had the nerve to claim they were unquestionably right (sounds familiar?)
3.There is no such thing as a law forbidding you to like whatever you want, which means it is allowed, whether it is “normal”, depends on who is judging. For example: foot fetish is a constant in some couples and for them it is “normal” whereas others will not perceive it the same way.
4.If you speak ill of something, you’re still speaking of that something.
5.Cloppers can clop all they want and anti-cloppers can hate all they want, the difference is that at the end of the day, the clopper clopped and the anti-clopper couldn’t do a damn thing about it.


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