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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Sorry, been sick/busy. Oh, and I finally played some Mass Effect.

100 – What event are you most excited for in 2013 (besides graduation/education events), and why?
101 – A meteorite crashes into your backyard. After wondering how you’ll fill the small crater and regrow the grass, do you turn it in for study, keep it as a once-in-a-lifetime memento, or sell it off?
102 – Most people think comfort thoughts just before bed. What do you typically think about before drifiting off to sleep?
103 – How often do you shave?
104 – What is the most awkward conversation/confrontation you’ve ever had? The most awkward for 2012?
105 – Do you eat out (at a restaurant) often? What kind of place do you typically go to?
106 – What was your favorite toy when you were very young?
107 – You’ve become an evil genius and plan on taking over the world. How do you do it?
108 – What web browser do you use? Any reason why?
109 – You’re selected to be a part of a five-hundred-year long-term mission into space. There is no FTL travel, and the fastest your ship will ever get is .1C. How do you complete the time-frame for the mission? (crew/decendents of crew are both valid paths)

How was your holiday/new year season?


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