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I died. But I got bet…well, I’m getting better, I think.

I’m not great with providing useful feedback on fiction, and I don’t like reading even short fiction nowadays. But even though I figured I didn’t have to provide feedback on your gift story, I feel like I should if I don’t have anything to do. Whenever I’m confronted with a situation like that, I promptly set communication aside from the requesting party until I feel like doing it. (Prevents it from coming back to the forefront of my mind.) It’s part of that anxiety thing and possibly exacerbates the effects on my infection (i.e., ulcers, inability to sleep at night.)

So I developed that little mechanism to save me that trouble. It wouldn’t be hard to review, and so I’m going to do it now, but I made a point to not do anything I dreaded, and reading fanfiction (even yours) and then providing feedback on it just seemed like another project. You’d understand, but “I don’t feel like it” isn’t a good enough reason for me. So…I just don’t respond until I do it. That’s the :“somewhat indisposed” in my About Me section.

But I’ve put that off for long enough. I’ll give this an hour or two (it takes me that long to read something brief critically,) and send you feedback.


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