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Your last name sounds just like some random german city or village, but I can assure you that Hechenbach the village doesn’t exist.

It just exhibits the usual way how a name for an ordinary village is formed: You take some random word or name and add a suffix to it. This suffix could be for instance -bach (if there is a small stream nearby), -burg (if the village was founded due to a castle), -dorf (if you couldn’t come up with a better name than village), -berg (if there is some sort of mountain nearby)…well I think you get the idea;)

At least there is a Hechen-dorf

I think that your name just sounds cute and I had to tell you that^^


In my eyes they are just as legit as a meme than lets say this:

There are also lots of Gangnam or milkshake ponies, but the thing is that people take a pony meme not really serious anymore, but I don’t really know why.


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