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Oh god Felix, I remember him.
Poor, noobish soul…

Not being killed on 4chan isn’t actually as hard as it seems. Just make sure never to hand out your email, or even a fake email unless you’ve been really thorough with using false personal information. Then, preferably use a proxy while browsing, but it isn’t required unless you’re messing around with stupid shit like hacking or questionably legal pornographic stuff. Also, don’t make threads unless you’ve been around for a while and know EXACTLY what you’re doing, making a terrible thread is the quickest way to get every channer within a hundred servers trying to figure out how to ruin your life.

And that last bit is the most important. Do NOT piss off 4chan, or any other chan. They will find you, and they will fuck you up. Just blend into the crowd, or else stay on the archives where no one can (presumably) hurt you.

But in my opinion, browsing 4chan is hardly worth the effort and stress involved. It’s generally a cesspool, any interesting content is (more often than not) buried under mountains of shitposts and circlejerks.


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