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Hey, I’m going to start editing the IWTCIRBD entry today. I found some spread within 4chan in some screencapped threads (such threads are posted in the /m/ (mecha) board and others outside of /mlp/.)

I also saw a fanfiction that began early in September which first words are (and I quote) “I want to come inside, Rainbow Dash.” (The fic itself is called “Let me in, Rainbow Dash.” It’s an “Anon in Equestria” story.) However, the current screencaps in the gallery are dated for July, so the threads have been around since then, at least.

Also, the /mlp/ Anthem is called Gr(a)vy Train!, and it includes the line as part of the song. It stemmed from a thread that I’ll also post a screencap for. You had to get a post ending in one of the ten sets of dubs (e.g., XXXXXXX99, XXXXXXX22, etc.) to have the text in your post end up in the song. IWTCIRBD got dubs.


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