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General Yi
General Yi

Allow me to provide a solution through a clever limerick.
There once was a boy who was lame,
and all of cartoons were the same,
but he saw Dragon Ball Z Kai,
and he gave it a try,
and now he has KnowYourMeme fame!
In short, DBZ is really lame. The reason so many on here like it is because they grew up with it, and the producers knew that anyone that didn’t wouldn’t really like it, so they made Dragon Ball Z Kai. Kai is…well just watch this short trailer of the first part of it.

Basically it takes away all the cheesy lines, all of the long power-up sessions (they’re still there, just a lot shorter), and all of the pointless filler away. Also, it’s very friendly for people who have not the first thing about the DBZ universe. After all, it’s where I started! Here’s a good section of a fight scene to show you just how different it is.
Now there’s a censored version and an uncensored version, the videos were of the uncensored version, the only one worth watching. So whaddya think? Give it a try?


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