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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Well guys, I’ve reached critical internet mass again. I’m gonna take an extended break from most of the internet, only coming on for news and school related activity. Last time I did this for a week, this time it will be for two.

It’s mostly because I’ve got responsibilities and work to take care of, and I want to get a strong start. I’m the president of my own student group here at school, and with one of our most crucial members developing heart problems, I need to really get focused and manage the group effectively.

Further, after having started back at school, I realized my classes this semester will be difficult. So, I want to be adjusted to the workload before I allow myself to mess around on the internet.

I know I still owe some people responses (I haven’t forgotten that I still owe you, Homika) and I’ll get to them eventually. But for now, I need to get away from the internet, for my own sake.

See you in a couple of weeks, guys.


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