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@Ethan Hekker
This discussion topic has been driven into the ground, there’s no reason to bring it up again, so I’ll make this nice and quick for you.

There’s at least one person (if not several people) fapping to anything you can think of, with MLP being no exception. Fetishes and sexual preferences are a person’s own business that has virtually no real-world negative effect, therefor they should be left alone if they’re leaving you alone (and in my personal experience, as long as you’re not sticking your nose where the sun doesn’t shine, you won’t directly encounter that stuff). At this point, the majority of KYM bronies have accepted this as their doctrine and generally this place has no problem with them (as long as, once again, they use proper NSFW tags and keep their content where it belongs. Which they do).

Now stop acting like other people are sick bastards because of what they fap to, and let it rest. Good day sir.



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