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Oh I don’t care, not everyone can remember everything they’ve ever done :P
We played that really odd Risk game, and that really weird Settlers of Catan game (which I own now.) I don’t even think we played Age of Empires together, but we liked to talk about it.
It’s just some stupid University, I actually don’t go there anymore, but it’s pretty nice school! Great campus.
I just can’t put all my thoughts together nicely. I’m better at writing down small bits and pieces of information…I try sooo hard to write essays, and they always turn out horrible. But there is this once essay I wrote for my communications class. I had to advertise something of my choice and try to sell it to the class pretty much (I picked a Macbook Pro), I was so proud :D
For good? Awesome! Glad to hear that. And I’m glad we’re having this conversation ^ (unless that’s weird to say, then never mind, lol)
(Also, I thought that sentence was worded in a weird way, and I was too lazy to fix it…ha)

Am I talking too much? :C


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