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Fuck yes Ulysses! Here is some stuff:

1. Chapter one, two, and four are the easiest in the book (three is where a lot of people quit – you’ll know why). Don’t worry about not understanding it. Just let it flow over you – like the snotgreen sea.
2. I have read that transcript, and it is intense. The story of Ulysses’s publication, though, is nothing compared to Dubliners – Joyce’s short story collection. It was TEN YEARS from when he started sending it out to publishers to when it finally came out.
3. HOLYSHIT YOU WERE AT SHAKESPEARE AND CO! A thousand jealousies to you, good sir!
4. No, seriously, that is pretty awesome.
5. If Ulysses isn’t dirty enough for you, then you should check out Joyce’s letters to his wife Nora Barnacle. They are famous for a reason (http://loveletters.tribe.net/thread/fce72385-b146-4bf2-9d2e-0dfa6ac7142d).


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