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Well, I don’t like sitting around on weekends. I feel like I should go do something, I guess? idk
I read anything. I’m reading a series right now, “Beautiful Creatures”. It’s pretty much like the new Twilight, but it’s not stupid…
I’m reading Alice in Zombieland, seems kind of interesting.
I’m tempted to buy “The Giver” on my nook even though I own the book already. It’s such a good book, oh my gosh.
I’m starting a new series too, “The Sea Of Trolls”. I read the first one when I was in 8th grade, but I just recently found out there were other books continuing after that. So I’m rereading it and yeah.
I kind of want to buy everything I read when I was younger so I can reread it. Because I know they were good books and I don’t remember them as well as I used to. (I guess I’m getting old)
(or maybe I read too many books)
I also read manga, heheh :P


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