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Hmm, that second one sounds pretty interesting. I might look into it. I might even buy it, depending on how much it costs :P
Are you saying you don’t like stories where the main character is a girl? HMMM
I read whatever sounds interesting. They just happen to be romance/comedy/drama stories. Most of the time anyway. I’m such a girl D:
I did read some a while ago that had a good amount of action in it. I never finished it though.
USUALLY if I read the manga I won’t watch the anime. And if I watch the anime I won’t read the manga. I’m that way with regular books too. I either see the movie or read the book. I don’t want one ruining the other for me. (I usually see the movie/anime first though)
I actually was all about anime. I didn’t read manga at all really. But then I got this nook and I decided to read some in between my other books, lol.


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