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Long story short, my father (possibly the antichrist) kicked us (his children and wife) out and threw out all of our things, including a whole library of books.

Have you seen Nichijou? Besides that, the only anime I can recall watching is Azumanga, Death Note, and Bleach. The last one I stopped because it was experiencing what I like to call “too many episodes syndrome.” That, and the show outpaced the manga, meaning they had to build an entire filler arc of episodes which, quite honestly, were completely irrelevant and so boring.

One I have always meant to watch is FLCL, and also Klannad. Have you seen either?
When I watched that movie over Skype, we would both just view the same video on youtube, and count down to start it at the same time. :P Streaming is actually a better idea, and there’s a website I know that works for that.


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