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Maaannn, that’s not a nice storyyy :c Now I feel baaaaddd
Makes me think about my problems and realize they’re not as bad as I think (maybe)
I haven’t seen any of those other than Death Note. But I’ve watched Death Note like 3 times. I’ve watched a few episodes of FLCL, I wasn’t really into it. But I’ve been wanting to try watching it again.
Do you mean Clannad? Because that is one of my favorite anime(s) ever. Like holy butts man. I’ve neevr watched an anime that had characters I didn’t like. But I liked every single character in Clannad/Clannad: After story, omg. And it made me cry, which means, it’s amazing. (I don’t cry/get emotional about things like that unless it’s good, mhm). It’s not that long either. WELL IMO it’s not long. What I consider long is like 50+ episodes.
We should stream, because youtube hates me and my internet.


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