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Meh, you seem okay, I think I seem okay. So we must be sort of okay. We don’t need an institution! >:U
Oh man, I have no idea if you should start there. Maybe something else…idk. I’ve been thinking for like a whole hour straight which anime I should watch with you, and I’m still unsure D:
YOU KNOW, I wanted Light to win so badly. SO BADLY. For a second I thought he did win, and then I thought he didn’t, and then I thought he did! And then he didn’t…I liked it, all of it. Of course I was more a fan of L than N and Mellow. They were kind of strange…and I was mad at N for catching L :C
Does length matter to you? Like the length of the anime? Do you expect us to be doing this more than once? I need to make a list of all the anime I think you should watch…


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