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@Alex, BSOD, agaetc.

I agree and disagree:

I agree that the image gallery isn’t being used in the way that it was originally intended. It’s not a repository for smut, and some users upload strictly or mostly smut. This is not the mission of KYM, and moderation isn’t happy about it. However, since it’s not against the rules, we don’t do anything.

The NSFW tags were meant to prevent people who didn’t want to see NSFW content from seeing it. If you click on that spoiler, then that’s on the user. Also, you must be 13 years of age or older to use the Cheezburger sites. We moderate, not babysit. It’s up to parents to watch what their children view online, especially when we don’t allow illegal content or X-rated content (e.g., gore, bodily fluids, explicit sexual acts, etc.) And if you’re above 13, then you should be mature enough to understand the nature of the Internet, Pony R34 or not.


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