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Well, a while ago (with your blessing) I ran a Nation RP on another. It ended similarly to the first one on KYM. A few of my IRL friends joined in on it, and suggested that we do another sometime. it’s been a while now, and I think I’d like to run one again. But something closer to the standard you’re running them at now.

And I love maps too, I’ve drawn nearly as much detail into a map for a Fantasy world, as I have written chapters for its story. But I’d love to get some tips from you, especially for how to create a new map (The new RP’s version of the world, as I’ve seen, is quite different from ours). Though I was thinking of running a Fantasy world, with it’s own map. How would you suggest I go about doing that?

If it helps, I have moderate experience with I even self-taught and mimicked your style from the first RP on KYM. Thanks a Bunch!


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