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Well, how I did the current map is this:

1. Map screenshot of Victoria 2 ingame
2. Shift+Magic Wand all the oceans, invert selection, delete land
3. Decrease image size to 50% of original
4. Add layer below new oceans layer, color player nations into it

To add custom continents, I did the same process, minus the Victoria screenshot. I would draw a continent, delete the land, color the water white, decrease size by 50%, and paste it on over into the oceans layer. The decreasing size I left in so that the “edge fuzz” on coastlines looked the same for the new continents.

To draw mountains, I would use the brush tool and set the fill mode to “zig zag” then blur all of with gaussian blur, radius 1. Deserts are just a simple trellis fill inside a blurred blob. I set the transparency for the terrain layer at 175 so that you can see the nations below them better.

I can’t think of anything else worth explaining. if you have specific questions, ask away!


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