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Anime is Trash
Anime is Trash

I still enjoy the lore as it is, I don’t judge it, ‘cause I believe the guys behind this know what they’re doin’. In vanilla and TBC the story was very unclear. I loved WotLK, as it sealed the story that started in Warcraft II, but also didn’t shut it off completely. I love Cataclysm as it refreshed everything; lore, world and gameplay. It also gave a lot on dragons, Thrall and finally dealt with Neltharion (but that sucked that Krasus died =/ but well, at least he didn’t die in vain). With MoP, the gameplay sucks a bit, but the lore still rocks. The issue is, that it was announced badly, since shit happens everywhere but Pandaria. But it’ll be a big expansion for the lore, Horde trembles, Alleria and Turalyon are back, the War is about to end… I’m really excited to see where that goes…


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