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Dr. Free Cake Needs More Cowbell!
Dr. Free Cake Needs More Cowbell!

Had them last week, totally bombed my math test, everything else was fairly smooth sailing. Well, a pipe or two broke so half of the building was freezing for one day. After they fixed those, a different one burst making the third floor freezing as well! And we already lack sufficient funds to properly educate our students or pay teachers the amount they deserve, plus in our state, we have a voucher program that lets parents take their kids out of a public institution and place them in a private school while the public school foots the bills, soooooooo…
(Some people also claim that that technically counts as the government giving money to a religious institution, as many private schools are, but, personally, the part the bothers me is that in no way do kids in private schools on average do better than kids in public ones.)


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